Let's Play Daycare enrolling now. All welcome to our Playgroup click here for details

Beacon Hill
Making A Difference At Beacon Hill limited vacancies enrol now.

Explore & Develop Brookvale  Are you thinking about care for 2020?  Organise your tour for 2020 with Explore & Develop Brookvale part of the local community since 2008.   To arrange a tour please call Charlene on 99398336
I STEAM Ahead Early Learning Centre enrol now for 2019 and beyond

Frenchs Forest
Making A Difference at Frenchs Forest limited vacancies enrol now.
Making A Difference for Babies at Frenchs Forest limited vacancies enrol now.

Making A Difference at Oceanalimited vacancies enrol now.

Kiddiwinks Play Laugh & Learn now open! Come and see our beautiful centre today.

MindChamps Early Learning Warriewoodspecial offer “2 weeks free” click here for more information * conditions apply

Wheeler Heights
MindChamps Early Learning Wheeler Heightsspecial offer “2 weeks free” click here for more information * conditions apply


Let's Play Daycare 
Saturday 1st June 2019
11am - 1pm 

1 Ashworth Ave, Belrose 2085
(Entrance Via 24 Lockwood Ave)



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Allambie Heights
Allambie Heights Children's Centre

Avalon Beach House Preschool
Bear N Joey Long Day Care and Kindergarten Avalon

Giraffe Early Learning Centre - Balgowlah
Northside Preschool

St Luke's Grammar School, Bayview Campus

Beacon Hill
Making A Difference At Beacon Hill

Belrose Early Learning Centre
Belrose Kindergarten 
Let's Play Daycare

Alpha Kids Academy Brookvale
Brookvale Early Learning Centre
Explore & Develop Brookvale
I STEAM Ahead Early Learning Centre
Wattle Road Early Education Centre 

Collaroy Plateau
Collaroy Plateau Community Kindergarten Inc.

Dee Why
Ekidna - Dee Why School of Early Learning 
Reggio Emilia Early Learning Centre Dee Why
St Luke's Grammar School Cottage Program 

Forestville Montessori School
Prepare Early Education Centre Forestville

Frenchs Forest
Making A Difference at Frenchs Forest
Making A Difference for Babies at Frenchs Forest

Explore & Develop Freshwater

Pine Street Kindergarten

Gumnut Kindergarten 
Narrabeen Community Kindergarten

Making A Difference at Oceana

Bardo Road Kindergarten

Oxford Falls
Oxford Falls Early Learning Centre

Peacock Street Long Day Care
Peek-A-Boo Cottage

Terry Hills
Bindook Cottage
German International School Sydney 
Terrey Hills Community Kindergarten
Thinkers.inq Preschool

Kiddiwinks Play Laugh & Learn
MindChamps Early Learning Warriewood
Treetops Preschool
Warriewood Child Care

Wheeler Heights
MindChamps Early Learning Wheeler Heights


Inner West Local Child Care

Sutherland Shire Local Child Care

Canterbury/Bankstown Local Child Care

St George Local Child Care

Liverpool/Fairfield Local Child Care

Parramatta Local Child Care

Camden/Macarthur Local Child Care

Eastern Suburbs Local Child Care

Ryde Eastwood Local Child Care
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JUNE 2019

Welcome to the Northern Beaches Local Child Care & Services Directory newsletter. 

This month we welcome

read all about these great services below.

Be sure to check out all our Detailed Listings to find all the information you need to make the right choice for you and your family when selecting child care.

This month our parent's resource is about Tantrums! Tantrums and negativity are a common behaviour during the toddler period as they learn to control their world. Nevertheless, these behaviours can be exhausting and frustrating for parents we hope this gives you some useful strategies.

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Making a Difference services in the northern beaches are: 

We are family run place long day care centre catering for children aged 0 to 6 years. Open 50 weeks of the year. Closed over Christmas and New Year.  Open Monday to Friday from 7am to 6pm.

Dedicated, qualified Teachers.  Staffing over ratio requirements.  Accredited Centre.  Home cooked food on the premises.   Contact us for more information

Paisley Park Early Learning Centre Brookvale
We’re excited about the opening of Paisley Park’s newest centre at 40 Chard Rd, Brookvale. This incredible centre has beautiful home-like interiors with exciting playgrounds and discovery areas, including family pets, rockclimbing wall, natural trail and cycle paths.

Paisley Park has an amazing team of dedicated and nurturing Educators who work in partnership with families to help their children flourish. The Paisley Park school preparation curriculum and food philosophy, including seasonal menus developed by Miguel Maestre, make this centre a wonderful new choice for Northern Beaches families. 

Places are still available but are limited so contact Jo on 1800 724 753 to book a tour or learn more:

Kiddiwinks Play Laugh & Learn is a Pre-School & Early Learning Centre Catering for children 6wks to 5yrs of age. We are located in Warriewood. We are open Monday to Friday from 7am - 6pm.

We offered educational programs catered to each child’s individual stage and age as well as a school readiness and pre-school program for all children over 3yrs of age. Extra-curricular programs including Yoga, Dance. Language & multi-sports are offered at no extra cost. We have a great natural environment for children to play learn and explore within.

Contact us for more information.

Australian Music Schools 

New classes at Warriewood! Ages 3 & 4 Fri 11.30, 5 & 6 Wed 4.30, 7 & 8 Wed 5.30.   

Contact us for more information 9314 7282 or

Let’s Play Daycare 
All welcome to our Playgroup

 click here for details

Offering Mothers Circle - Take time for yourself!

•Essential Oils •Like-Minded Mums •yoga •handcrafts •Professional Speakers • and More!   

1 Ashworth Ave, Belrose  Phone (02) 9451-3449 OR 0404-097-722

Thinkers.inq Preschool
The Great Gratitude Surprise is a culmination of the research gathered from Thinkers.inq Playing with Gratitude Project. This wellbeing project now has over 3000 children, across Australia, to play with gratitude every day.

The author, Rod Soper, was inspired to write this children’s picture book after hearing some of Australia’s leading psychologists state that the biggest threat to children’s lives, by the time they reach high school, will be their mental wellness.

In response to these messages, Rod felt an incredible responsibility to look for ways to counteract this growing concern and to help find ways to fortify professional and parental resolve to build strong mental health foundations early in life.

“Early and middle childhood is the perfect place to start laying these cornerstones, as our whole lives – from our values and self-worth to our ability to self-regulate and socially connect – are formed in this life stage” says Rod Soper.
The Great Gratitude Surprise harvests the powerful connections that surge between the astonishing influence of play and gratitude and offers an inspiring platform for children, teachers and families to build upon their mental wellness through an exciting tale of curiosity and discovery.
The Great Gratitude surprise is an adventure Sammy and her family have after finding hidden treasure while on their beach holiday. Together they embark on a wonderful gratitude journey learning, new things about each other and their family.

“I loved this book so much! It has a really great message about gratefulness and being a family. It is very important to be grateful and this book can remind and teach us how to do it. The characters are great and the plot fantastic. I really enjoyed reading it and can’t wait to read it again. Grace Winspear (aged 11) – daughter of Marta Dusseldorp (mum).

Rod, the co-founder of Thinkers.inq, has been a teacher for over 20 years, sharing his love for literature with people from 2 to 82. He particularly loves guiding young people into their own journey of discovery which can be found in the world of books. Rod is also an international speaker and an inspirer of hope in his fellow teachers and industry leaders.

The many children from the Playing with Gratitude Project have inspired him to write not only this book but two more like it, as another way to play with gratitude and help wellness flourish. Visit to learn more.

North Narrabeen Academy of Gymnasticsis a Gymnastics Club based out of the state-of-the-art sporting facility Pittwater Sports Centre located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. 

We aim to ensure that everyone who comes through our doors has the ability to work towards their personal gymnastics’ goals in a positive, professional and supportive club environment. 

We run a multitude of programs ranging from Competitive, Recreational, Early Childhood along with our fantastic Holiday Workshops Program. Beginners across all age groups are welcome! 

Contact us for more information.

Frontrunner Learning Centres 

Book your free educational assessment with us. Over 21 years helping children get in front stay in front. or 1300 851 065


Tantrums and negativity are a common behaviour during the toddler period as they learn to control their world. Nevertheless, these behaviours can be exhausting and frustrating for parents.

Reasons for Tantrums

  • Difficulty telling parents and others what they need - not enough words to talk about their needs or emotions
  • Frustration that they do not have the skills to do tasks others are doing
  • Tiredness and hunger
  • Difficulty controlling their emotions - quickly go from excitement to anger
  • Fear - become scared when they lose control and do not know how to calm down
  • Do not like to wait for things - as can only think of their own needs
  • Habit - the toddler has learnt that if they have a tantrum they will get what they want
  • Testing limits or rules - this is helping them learn about control and power
  • Your toddler's temperament - some toddlers are easy going, others are shy or very active
  • It is important to seek assistance if you are concerned about the number or intensity of the temper tantrums - occasionally temper tantrums can be due to more serious problems.

Things that make the situation worse

  • Being tired (both you and your toddler)
  • Being hungry
  • Being too excited or overstimulated
  • Being bored or under-stimulated
  • Being unwell
  • Being told no or don't all the time
  • Being in a hurry.

Avoiding Tantrums
Whenever possible:

  • have realistic expectations of your toddler's ability and needs
  • anticipate and avoid (if possible) difficult situations or activities for your toddler when they are tired, hungry or unwell
  • introduce new activities slowly and one at a time
  • develop routines and rituals so your toddler has a feeling of control over their world
  • limit the amount of activity and noise - have quiet times during the day
  • use a distraction when your toddler is becoming upset or agitated e.g. look at that car what colour is it?
  • provide your toddler with limited choices eg do you want milk or water
  • always ask your toddler to do things using one command at a time, wait for the action to be completed before giving the next task e.g. come here ...... sit down ....... let me help you put your shoes on ....
  • use positive language and praise - avoid saying 'no' all the time
  • understand any stress your toddler may be experiencing eg the arrival of a new baby, being left in childcare

During a Tantrum
There are several strategies that can be used to help your toddler gain control of their emotions:

  1. Hold and rock your toddler while you use soothing words e.g. daddy is here you are safe. This method can assist your toddler calm down and feel safe. It may be safer for you to hold them on your lap facing outwards if they are kicking.
  2. Pretend to ignore, this can be difficult. You will need to ensure that your toddler won't hurt themselves during the tantrum eg take out of the bath, take out of shopping trolley or remove furniture. It is important that you stay calm, take some deep breaths and count to ten.
  3. Time out or putting your toddler in a safe place. If you are at home you can use time out for both you and your toddler to assist you gain control.
  4. Removing them from the situation this can be difficult as you will need to stop what you are doing and take your toddler to another area eg. move from one room to another.

Things that don't help

  • Getting upset and yelling at your toddler - most parents feel guilty when they have lost control
  • Giving lengthy reasons about why you wanted your toddler to do something or why you are upset - keep explanations simple
  • Bribing your toddler to behave e.g. if you stop yelling I will give you a chocolate
  • Physical punishments - shouting, slapping, namecalling or threats
The good news for parents is that as your toddler develops language and physical skills the number and severity of tantrums will reduce.
Remember each child is an individual and develops at their own pace.
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